About us

What is Mutu?

Mutu is a peer-to-peer rental marketplace app which allows you to rent or lend almost anything. Simply put, we connect people who want things, with people who have them.


We provide a safe and secure space for individuals, businesses and community organisations to gain access to almost anything that they need by searching, comparing & locating items to rent based on budget and location. 

Mutu allows you to lend out your under-utilised items. This way you can keep your items rather than contribute to the growing landfill challenges in New Zealand. Mutu also allows businesses who have assets, vehicles or equipment to rent & lend their items to other users.

You can rent or lend holiday, sport and leisure gear, like a paddleboard or bike. Some DIY tools to help a neighbour with their renovations. A vehicle for a business trip, construction equipment for your next project and much more. You name it, we'll lend it (excluding anything illegal, obviously!).


The harsh reality:

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Our lives have been conditioned by convenience. So much so, that you can buy pretty much anything from the comfort of your bedroom. We live in a hyper-consumption society where we have been convinced that the key to a happy life lies in accumulating stuff.


We buy sporting equipment that remains in the cupboard year-round, toys that our kids only play with a couple of times, clothes that we never wear, electronic gadgets that become outdated a year down the line and the list goes on.

In New Zealand, we discard 15.5 million tonnes of waste each year. This is equivalent to 3,200kg of waste per Kiwi, one of the highest levels in the world. Only 28% of this waste is currently recycled. 

There's no need to buy and store things you don't use regularly. With Mutu accessing the things you need will be cheaper, more flexible and easier on the planet.

Make a new connection with a neighbour and help someone in your community by offering them a cheaper and more sustainable alternative to buying.

Conscious consumerism

As a society, we are all becoming more conscious of the things we buy and our individual impact on planet earth.


Mutu was born in November 2019 in response to calls by government and environmental enthusiasts to increase the circular economy, targeted at reducing waste and landfill.


Like Airbnb, Uber and Designer Wardrobe, we are trying to change attitudes towards ownership by encouraging people, businesses & communities to share instead of buy.


We are also encouraging producers of goods to increase their product stewardship. This means taking ownership for the whole lifecycle of the products they create, including product lifespan and how their products are disposed of.

Mutu is working closely with a number of organisations to support communities by helping them gain access to the things they need.