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Why use Mutu?

In the hire and rental industry, going digital has become the new normal, especially because it offers your customers a simple, cost-effective way to connect and acquire products from you.

Individuals & businesses are now finding fewer reasons to buy thanks to opportunities to rent, lend, hire & share. We are seeing a huge paradigm shift in the culture of consumerism with more people choosing access and convenience over ownership.

Due to the rise in the number of Generation Z and Millennial employees in the workforce, we are seeing more & more businesses continue to incorporate the values of the sharing economy into their business model as it enables them to become more economically and environmentally friendly.

Businesses using Mutu will develop a more powerful brand perception as our platform promotes sustainability, convenience, inclusivity, functionality, and community.

Whether your business wants to hire items or has items to rent, Mutu is the solution. 

How lending works


List your item with photos, a description, pricing and location.


Receive and approve rental requests.


Arrange a time and place to exchange your item with the renter.


Get paid via our secure payment portal.

Lend with Mutu

We provide a platform for businesses to stand out.


  • Leverage the network

  • Brand awareness

  • Market your products



  • Quick to get on-board

  • Free to list your products, only charged when consumed

  • Paperless exchange



  • Digital platform

  • Real-Time feedback

  • Understand demand, to build supply or pivot



  • Increase the utilisation of your products

  • Enable you to scale your business

How renting works


Search for an item based on location, availability and budget.


Book and pay to secure the item for the rental period.


Receive the item from the lender and enjoy using it for the duration of your rental period.


Return it to the lender in the same condition you received it.

Rent with Mutu

Gain access without ownership.

Mutu provides a platform for businesses who are looking to become more environmentally conscious, increase operational efficiency and to minimise costs by hiring & renting the things they need.


With Mutu, your business will have access to a greater choice of reasonably priced, high-quality products which may have been previously out of reach.

More features

Simple platform

Browse 1000s of items at the touch of a button. 


Take photos of your items and upload them seamlessly.


Communicate with other users with our in-app chat function.

Feedback system

After each transaction, both users will be prompted to provide a 1-5 star rating with the option for comment.


This feedback will be visible for all users. 

Industry connections

Connect and share resources with like-minded businesses in your community.

Purchase equipment with the confidence of making a return on investment.

User verification

All users will be verified to ensure a safe & secure sharing environment.


We will promptly remove any fraudulent users.



A unique code will be sent to both users to confirm the rental period.


Once the rental period is complete a return code will need to be entered by both parties to initiate the transaction.



Mutu is working with a number of organisations to support communities by helping them gain access to the things they need.

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