Mutu in the media



1 October 2021

Toby recently sat down with Jo Percival from AA to chat about Mutu's plans for the future. 

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The Florescence Podcast

24 October 2021

Toby spoke with Felicia from the Florescence podcast about how Mutu all started. 


This Climate Business

29 April 2021

Toby spoke with Vincent from the This Climate Business podcast about how we can make waste pay. 

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15 March 2021

Toby spoke with the Stuff team about Mutu's recent investment and the plans to roll out across new cities.

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The Spinoff

18 March 2021

Toby sat down with Simon from the Spinoffs Business is Boring podcast to talk about the journey so far.


Te Ohaka

18 March 2021

Check out the story released by Te Ohaka which highlights Mutu's recent investment raise.

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30 January 2021

The Stuff team interviewed Paula to understand her motivations for using the Mutu platform.

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26 January 2021

Mutu was used as a test case for a Noteworthy article as a way of adopting collaborative consumption.

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6th January 2021

Mutu received funding from the Christchurch Sustainability Fund to help grow the platform locally. 

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TVNZ Breakfast

3 October 2020

Toby sat down with the TVNZ Breakfast team to share that Mutu is available nationwide.

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Kia Ora Magazine

1 November 2020

We featured in the November issue of the Kia Ora Magazine. Check out page 79 for the write-up.

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Zero Waste Summit

6th November 2020

Toby was invited to present at the Zero Waste World Summit about how Mutu can combat consumption

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NZ Entreprenuer

17 September 2020

Toby sat down with the NZ Entrepreneur team to talk about the Mutu journey.

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A Kiwi Original

29 September 2020

Toby sat down with Ryan Jennings from Buy NZ Made to discuss the societal shift from buying to sharing.

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22 September 2020

Toby was interviewed by the CHCHNZ team about his experience launching a start-up in Christchurch


The AM Show

28 August 2020

Toby did a live interview with Duncan, Amanda and Mark on The AM Show!



27 August 2020

We featured in this Stuff article about Mutu's journey and launch plans.


Newstalk ZB

27 August 2020

Simon and Phil did a 40 minute segment about Mutu in their afternoon show on Newstalk ZB.

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28 August 2020

Toby did a radio interview with Karyn Hay on The RNZ Late Show!

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Star News

27 August 2020

We featured in the Star Newspaper talking about Mutu's journey and launch plans.

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10 June 2020

Sam MacKinnon interviewed Toby to find out his motivations behind starting Mutu.

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26 April 2020


15 April 2020


Stratford Press

15 April 2020